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Power and Industrial

“Power and Industrial Electronics” is one of the pioneering branches of electronics and has been a key in evolving automation techniques in various industrial sectors. The maturity and ceaseless expansion of automation, in any industry today, derive roots from power and industrial electronics. Delta integrates traditional wisdom of power and industrial electronics with cutting edge technologies in power generation, power conditioning, data communication & networking. We support various standard as well as proprietary, wired and wireless protocols to offer solutions to challenges faced by these industries in power generation, power conditioning, monitoring and process controls.”

The industries working in power sector, have their own product life cycle and generally look for solutions across various stages including conceptualization and proof-of-concept to maintenance and enhancements. Solutions provided by Delta serve purpose of power management as well as serve other industries / users in remote monitoring, process controls.

Delta works with many customers providing them product development and support solutions including bespoke development.

Power Generation and Conditioning

Delta has multiple success stories in designing and developing end to end embedded solutions for its customers. Power generation and conditioning is an essential and primary component in these solutions. We design and develop systems for power generation, conversion and conditioning to control various types of drives and output devices.

Delta has ability in designing modular UPS systems. This includes design that caters to industrial requirement of I/Os, single phase, three phase or combination of both. We integrate traditional wisdom with various modern communication protocols to achieve smart power generation. We also use modern frequency conversion techniques to make them smarter. These UPS solutions are used as part of smart DG monitor and control systems.

We have catered to power requirements of HV appliances as well as consumer appliances. Delta has designed and developed “Ultrasonic Power Source with PWM Control” used in Class C ophthalmic surgical device.

Delta believes in conservation and hence prefers recommending power generation using “Non-conventional and Renewable” energy sources to its customers. We have provided solution in “Solar Power Management”. The solution achieves maximum energy generation monitored remotely using Internet of Things (IOT) protocols. A similar solution is also integral part of our Emergency Call Box product deployed on various highways in India.

Smart Energy Metering Solutions

We work with global customers offering “Smart Energy Metering” solutions that scope smart metering, remote data monitoring and archival, using various communication protocols for local and global communication. Delta provides design and development of all the components for smart energy meters as well as commissioning device for the system.

Delta has experience designing & developing user friendly commissioning device using latest Android based development with basic commissioning feature, data uploading facility with rich UI and enhanced data security.

Monitoring and Control Systems

Monitoring various parameters and controlling them to optimum value is one of the key requirements in almost every process industry. Delta has offered solutions to many clients in such industries.

Delta caters to requirement of Indicating, monitoring and controlling various parameters of DG set remotely. Delta has experience in design and development of remote monitoring systems on multiple platforms. The remote monitoring solutions include communication and data networking using various technologies and communication protocols. With our parent company, Bio-Analytical Technologies, Delta has offered software solutions for remote monitoring and controlling HVAC applications.

Delta has designed and developed closed loop feedback systems as well as distributed systems using solar energy, wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi and IoT protocols such as MQTT to interface and monitor various sensors and meters like temperature sensors, wind sensors, acceleration meters and inclinometers.

Delta has also catered to control requirement in marking machine control which helps easy and clean engraving of custom data on any kind of industrial devices and machinery.

Other Application Areas

Delta has expertise in signal conditioning and interfacing various sensors in different control systems and related applications.

We have designed a “Multi-function Control Panel Meter”, an extremely flexible solution allowing monitoring of various parameters using a single metering device. This solution has helped us adding value to many industrial devices like smart UPS and DG control systems.

We offer modular designs of inverters and heating applications using latest technologies like VFD, V3F and BIRT. Delta has developed closed loop systems for “High Frequency and Direct Heating” applications and control system for centrifuge.

We cater to requirements of interfacing various sensors such as temperature, flow, vacuum, pressure and other parameters involved in process control. We develop drivers to control many output devices like pump control, actuation drivers, diathermy driver, vitrectomy driver.

Solutions provided by Delta add value through BOM optimization and easy up-gradation of firmware. Delta has offered solutions with efficient algorithms of diagnostics and data analytics helpful in preventive maintenance in service sectors as well as feedback to R&D departments in their research. With our deep understanding of standards and compliance requirements of electronics industry we help our customers develop systems compliant to regulatory standards.

Success Stories

Solar Power Management

Solar Power Management

Domain : Energy generation
Type : Embedded Product development

Delta has provided solution in Solar Power Management that achieves maximum energy generation. The system is monitored remotely using Internet of Things (IoT) protocols. The system also uses IoT for integrating distributed sensors related to monitoring of environmental parameters. Delta designed integrated PV panel tracking based on solar positioning. The system is modular as well as scalable to any size.


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    • Delta Embedded Pvt. Ltd. with their in-depth knowledge of Biometric Domain, their grip on recent advances in communication technologies such as BLE, NFC, delivered the product prototype within expected time frame and with required quality. Delta’s willingness to use appropriate technologies helped us to evaluate and use multiple technologies to overcome obstacles in the development path. The modular approach of development will help us to modify, update and enhance our product at any point in future.

      Nikhilesh WaniDirector,ELEMENTIK