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Knowledge and Consulting

Delta (Delta Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) has significant experience of 21 years in various domains. Delta houses a team of practitioners comprising of Doctorate, Post Graduates and Graduates in Engineering and technology with experience in Industrial, Medical, Telecom, Analytical and Consumer industry. To add on to this domain knowledge, Delta houses practitioners in the area of software and embedded technology. This creates a strong background supporting Delta’s ability to offer knowledge & consulting services in the niche markets.

Delta invests in its practitioners and other resources that helps keeping pace with the latest technological advances and multiple fronts.

Delta offers a range of services that support the customers to achieve the product and commercial output. This includes consulting for “requirements and design for hardware and software” to “auditing and supporting the regulatory requirements”. These services can be provided off-shore or at the customer location. The Delta practitioners can work alongside with your team members and also under your guidance.

Product Development

Delta has worked with projects scoping end-to-end product development and thus can offer product management and development services to its customers product development team. This can include helping customers build product roadmaps, migration, porting and modernization to latest technologies, process consulting, etc.

Delta has provided technology consulting to its customers that has helped them automate their processes, build products and improve services within the area of embedded and software. Delta has supported the R&D teams at customer locations to productize their research.

Knowledge Process Consulting

Knowledge services, which include KPO, call for the application of specialized domain-specific capabilities that augment your expertise. Delta with its unique domain driven business model is well equipped to offer KPO based services like –

1. Analyzing data and information to produce meaningful insights.

2. Researching information from various sources. Research includes:

  • a. Market Research Services which has Literature Collection
  • b. Data Analysis, Web surveys-Research Papers, Telephone/Email surveys.
  • c. Secondary data collection.
  • d. Statistical analysis.
  • e. CCross tabulation, Significance testing, Weighting, Conjoint analysis,
  • f. Regression and Correlation, etc.

3. Desk and Web Research Services essentially involves the extensive search of both offline and online research sources. Some key features of these services are:

  • a. Detailed analysis related to technology/ market/ customer behavior-related questions, company and competitors profiles.
  • b. Literature Search- Compilation of search results from a variety of offline and online databases, business magazines, trade journals, conference proceedings, patents, newspapers, government reports, newsletters, etc.
  • c. Converting raw technical data into presentable documents.
  • d. Using high level of conceptualization, theoretical knowledge and industry experience.
  • e. Proficiency with various advanced software and high end hardware devices and instruments.
  • f. Maintaining workflow, meeting deadlines, and applying quality controls.

Analytical Instrumentation

Delta has a well equipped laboratory, with top of the grade instrumentation. Practitioners within this domain can provide consulting services in instrument development and validation. Delta also offers design services for end users in analytical instrumentation.

Regulatory / Compliance Support

Delta has practitioners who have worked in the regulatory environments and have a deep understanding of the regulatory and compliance requirements, like 21 CFR Part 11, IEC – CE, ISO, ISO13485 ROHS IEC62304, IEC 60601 IEC 60068, IEC 60571, IEC 61373. These practitioners support as subject matter experts (SMEs) to the development teams as well as provide consulting services to end users. Delta services in this area has a broad scope from gap analysis to supporting the customer perform the validation.

Representative Projects

Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO): Specification for “On-board wireless Passenger Information system for Passenger Trains”

Upgradation of Power Monitoring Application for various Cable fault detection using Vector Analysis for Switch gear Controller for Electrical substation

Identification of source of vibration and remedy for vibration suppression, in White Goods Product

Success Stories

Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence

Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence

Domain : Analytical Instrumentation
Type : Software Product Development

Delta has supported an analytical instrument manufacturer transform their laboratory instrument to overcome hardware component obsolesce. Delta developed an Android based system controller and an embedded control system. The new platform enhanced the user Interface and improved the UX. The new system also supported compliance to standards and report generation.


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    Representative Projects

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    • Delta Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully designed, developed and manufactured a VOIP based Audio communication and Call Management System. The system was developed to operate in noisy conditions on the Indian highway. We are satisfied with the system supplied to us and hoping to have a long term association with them for many more projects.

      Dhaval DesaiManaging Director,TRAFITEK