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Case Study

Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence.

Domain : Analytical Instrumentation

Type : Software Product Development

DELTA has supported an analytical instrument manufacturer transform their laboratory instrument to overcome hardware component obsolesce. DELTA developed an Android based system controller and an embedded control system. The new platform enhanced the user Interface and improved the UX. The new system also supported compliance to standards and report generation.

Application development for Consumer Product Vendor

Domain : Engineering

Type : Software Product Development

DELTA has worked with a 60 year old leading manufacturer and solution provider for air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment for creating a remote monitoring and tracking application for Variable Refrigerant Flow, Out Door and In Door Air Conditioning Units. The application was deployed on desktops and hand-held consoles for monitoring. DELTA also developed supporting features such as a centralized record control and tracking system, safety protection mechanisms, a communication framework for monitoring units including RS-485 and Modbus protocols as well as software activation via the internet.

Solar Power Management

Domain : Energy generation

Type : Embedded Product development

DELTA has provided solution in Solar Power Management that achieves maximum energy generation. The system is monitored remotely using Internet of Things (IoT) protocols. The system also uses IoT for integrating distributed sensors related to monitoring of environmental parameters. DELTA designed integrated PV panel tracking based on solar positioning. The system is modular as well as scaleable to any size.

Product Development for SPO2 and Endoscopy

Domain : Medical Devices

Type : Embedded Product Development

DELTA has worked with a medical instrument manufacturer to develop a hand held Android based Endoscope and vital signs monitoring device. The solutions offers the plug & play ability to interface with multiple diagnostic health sensors, a rich GUI and a web based server application integration. DELTA helped customer provide a portable instrument that supported generating electronic records, report storage and generation.

Design and Development of Phaco-emulsifier system controller

Domain : Medical Devices

Type : Software & firmware development

DELTA has worked with a medical instrument manufacturer to design and develop Phaco-emulsification system controller. The design considered critical parameters like vacuum sensing with required accuracy, macroscopic flow control and a fast control response. DELTA provided a TFT based touch screen UI. The embedded Linux based system integrated Ultrasonic, Diathermy and Vitrectomy drivers. DELTA helped the customer provide a serviceable indigenous product which has modular structure that supported ease of production.

Success Stories

Case Study

Analytical Instrumentation
Medical Device


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  • “Shimadzu engaged Bio-Analytical Technologies (BAT) for an important addition across its software products suite. BAT designed and developed the application where we found that they are reliable service provider who treated Shimadzu as a valued customer. BAT delivered the solution with utmost flexibility yet as planned, on schedule which really made a difference to Shimadzu. At Shimadzu we definitely would consider BAT as a long term partner.”

    Ryuji Nishimoto,
    Ryuji Nishimoto,General Manager Research & Development
  • “The partnership with BAT has been a contributing factor in achieving the business goals for Waters MS division. We are pleased with the commitment and dedication exhibited by BAT practitioners and management. BAT has a team with strong domain and software life cycle expertise. BAT can be proud of its vision statement of solutions that make a difference”

    Richard Chapman,
    Richard Chapman,Waters The Sciences of What's Possible.
  • “The BAT team are very professional, we have good communication and engagement with the team who are able to demonstrate a strong mix of life science application and software technical knowledge. This balance has delivered value in practice, allowing teams to get up to speed with our projects efficiently, and deliver on commitments without the need for constant supervision.”

    Gary Coulthurst,Software Quality Assurance Brooks Life Science