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Case Study: Analytical Instrumentation

Porting a laboratory instrument from a legacy system thereby overcoming hardware component obsolescence.

Domain : Analytical Instrumentation

Type : Analytical

BAT has supported an analytical instrument manufacturer transform their laboratory instrument to overcome hardware component obsolesce. BAT developed an Android based system controller and an embedded control system. The new platform enhanced the user Interface and improved the UX. The new system also supported compliance to standards and report generation.

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Case Study

Analytical Instrumentation
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  • Delta Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully designed, developed and manufactured a VOIP based Audio communication and Call Management System. The system was developed to operate in noisy conditions on the Indian highway. We are satisfied with the system supplied to us and hoping to have a long term association with them for many more projects.

    Dhaval DesaiManaging Director,TRAFITEK